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Strategy Development

An effective strategy can dial down the confusion and let you feel confident about your marketing. It will save your valuable time, money and energy by giving you a blueprint for your marketing efforts.

In a noisy and confusing marketing environment, having a purposeful strategy lets you evaluate opportunities in context with the other activities you’re developing to make the right choices for your business.

With almost 30 years experience in marketing and communications, I have a broad insight and experience in developing marketing strategies that deliver. Whether it’s refining your messaging and presentation through a brand strategy, developing an actionable marketing strategy or getting more intentional with your social media, you’ll not only know where to put your efforts, but how to measure success.

Brand Strategy

Is it time to take your branding to a professional level? Do you feel your brand is haphazard and inconsistent, and hell…you’re not sure even your own team can describe exactly who you are and what you do?

Your brand is so much more than your logo or brand colours? It’s also the message you share, the stories you tell, the language you use and the personality and tone of your communication. And it’s important – really important if you want to stand out in the market and be easily recognised by your ideal audience.

My brand strategy development packages work to pull all the elements of your brand together so you present your business in a professional, consistent and memorable way.

Marketing Strategy

Are you trying different things, investing your valuable time and money, but you don’t know if any of it’s working? Are you flying by the seat of your pants when it comes to marketing, chasing the latest shiny object because you don’t want to miss an opportunity? It’s time to stop floundering, take a big ol’ step back and develop a marketing strategy that matches your business goals and invests your time, money and resources into activities that will deliver results.

My marketing strategy process looks at the 5 phases of building your marketing machine, and you walk away with a 12-18 month plan of key priorities that you can start implementing straight away.

Social Media Strategy

Are you posting and crossing your fingers? Have you tried doing the same things as the “influencers” but find you’re getting nowhere?

If you have limited time and want to make sure your social media efforts will reap results, let’s work together to develop a social media strategy that complements your other marketing efforts and builds an engaged community of customers.

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