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Marketing Strategy

The options for marketing your company are endless. But how do you know which are the best to choose, especially when your resources and budgets are limited?

By having a clearly defined strategy – taking into account your business goals, the needs of your target audience and the resources available to you – you have a marketing blueprint that will guide your decisions and activities for better business results.

It also enables more effective use of your available resources, and you are less likely to waste money, energy or time on isolated, irrelevant activities.

Marketing Strategy Brisbane

The Process

Phase 1: Define and Analyse

  • Clearly articulate your business goals.
  • Identify your target audience, their needs, habits and how they interact with your business.
  • Audit your past and present marketing activities and results.
  • Establish your point of difference.
  • Assess all available opportunities – offline and online – to develop a strategy that is relevant to your audience.

Phase 2: Strategy Development

  • Identify needs and opportunities across the five phases of the customer journey – Awareness, Lead Generation, Lead Nurturing, Conversion Experience, Repeat/Referral.
  • Develop creative, effective ways to reach your customers to drive them to your business.
  • Work within budgets to develop cost-effective, but effective, solutions.
  • Set the goal posts, determining how the success of the strategy will be measured for continuous improvement.

The result will be a brand-driven strategy that delivers creativity and consistency across a range of platforms.

From this strategy, I can offer strategy implementation to take the ideas and activities into your market. Or the strategy can be used by you and your team to execute.

Cost: From $5,000 ex GST

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