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What Does Your Inactive Facebook Page Say About Your Business?

Mar 8, 2016 | Facebook, Social Media

Having an inactive Facebook page – one where you haven’t posted for months, or even years – can damage your business and your brand.

It’s not uncommon. Many businesses started Facebook pages because someone told them they had to be on Facebook, or an eager employee set it up, but stopped paying attention shortly after. Their business page now languishes – untouched, unloved. But an inactive Facebook page can speak volumes about your business in the eyes of your customers.

It is the social media equivalent of cobwebs across your door.

Inactive Facebook Page

The best case scenario is that customers take their search about your business to Google, and might end up on your website to find further information. The worst possibility is that they think your business is closed, and move onto your competitor.  Regular posts and activity will show your business is active and legitimate.

But, I hear you say, the experts say you need to post daily! And I just don’t have time to do that!

Many social media experts say you need to post at least daily to have an impact with your Facebook page. And I agree – if you are using Facebook as a core part of your marketing strategy and are trying to build your community. However don’t let that scare you into doing nothing at all.

Posting weekly lets people know your page still has a pulse. Weekly posts won’t easily generate massive engagement, reach and leads for your business, but it will provide an active presence to people who coming looking at your page. So if people do refer their friends to your business, they’re greeted with relevant and up-to-date information.

Why an active Facebook page is important?

It makes it easier for your clients / fans to refer you to others.

How often do you see a callout for a business or recommendation in your Facebook newsfeed? A friend will post that they’re looking for a plumber / builder / makeup artist and people will make a recommendation. This is even more common in groups. If you have a Facebook page (and most importantly, an active page) people can tag you and send their friends to your page to find out more. But if your page is inactive, it gives a bad first impression and they’ll move onto the next referral.

It helps people research / find out more about your business?

Your posts and activity on your Facebook page give people an insight into your business and the services you offer. Even if you’re only posting once a week, it still lets people learn more about you, which can make the purchasing decision easier.

It can put you one step ahead in the comparison game.

Your (active) Facebook page can put you one step ahead in the comparison game. If your competitors aren’t active on Facebook, you can make it easier for people to choose you.

It can provide people with important information.

A well set up profile can let people know your business hours, contact details and can direct them to your website. (Please take the time to set up your profile well. An incomplete profile is frustrating for your visitors).

Reviews provide social proof to build trust and confidence in your business.

If you are set up as a local business, people can leave reviews of your business – which provides important social proof and helps potential customers with the decison-making process.

A reminder: frequent posts (at least daily) help you build your community, drive leads to your business and achieve your marketing goals. But that’s not to say that fewer posts won’t help build your brand and serve your target audience. More important than frequency is consistency

So if you do have a Facebook page, schedule 15 minutes to post at least once or twice each week – or more if your resources allow. Just don’t leave it barren and deserted or it might damage your brand.

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