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Facebook Page Spring Clean Challenge – Day 5

Welcome to Day 5 of the Challenge!

Well, you’ve made it almost to the end. I hope you’ve had the chance to give your Facebook Page some love and attention, and to bring it up-to-date so that it is an effective tool for your business.

Today is the final day of the Challenge, and I’ll take you through some of the Facebook Page Settings so you can set the page up to support your business and your customers.

The video below walks you through the main settings. (We won’t go through every single Page setting as that will take too long. Today we’ll focus on those that help to clean up your Page and enhance your productivity).

The video is over 20 minutes long, but underneath I give you a brief overview of each of the Settings, and the time stamp on the video to find that Setting (in case you want to skip ahead to specific sections).

To find these settings, on your Facebook Page, go to the top right hand corner and click on Settings.

Facebook Page Settings

General Settings

Page Visibility (Found at 1:10 on the video)

This settings lets you set your Page to Published, or Unpublished. If it’s Unpublished it will only be seen by people who have a Role on the Page.

Page Verification (Found at 2:10)

The Page verification lets visitors know that you represent the brand, and you are who you say you are. Facebook says that Verified Pages are shown higher in search results, so for that reason alone it’s worth going through the process of becoming Verified.

You can become verified via a phone message (doesn’t work for every business) or by providing Facebook with documents proving your business ownership and address.

Visitor Posts (Found at 3:24)

This setting lets you decide whether visitors can publish posts on your Page or not. It also lets you choose to review posts by other people before they’re published on the Page.  Allowing visitors to posts encourages engagement and conversation, however it does require some time to monitor and respond. Decide what’s best for your business, and choose the appropriate settings.

Audience Optimisation for posts (Found at 4:48)

When you tick “Allow News Feed targeting and the ability to restrict the audience for your posts”, you are given the ability to target your posts to specific people, using criteria such as location, age, relationship status, interests.

It doesn’t turn this targeting on for every post, but gives you the option.

If you have this setting ticked, you will find the targeting options at the bottom of your post.

Facebook News Feed Targeting

If you do turn them on, you can use this targeting if you’re having location-specific events or promotions and want to target them more carefully.

Messages (Found at 6:18)

This setting lets you turn off or on the ability for Visitors to message your Page via Messenger. People more and more have an expectation that they will be able to send messages within social media, but keep in mind whether you can respond to the messages promptly.

Tagging ability (Found at 7:27)

You can choose whether you allow your Page visitors to tag people on your photos and videos on your Page.

Others tagging this page (Found at 7:49)

This lets you choose whether people and other Pages can tag your Page in their posts. I recommend leaving this turned on, as it lets your customers and partners spread the word about your business.

Country and Age Restrictions (Found at 8:40)

In these two sections you can restrict your Page’s visibility to Facebook users from specific countries or ages.

Page Moderation (Found at 9:15)

This lets you block posts or comments that contain certain words from your Page. If you find spammers or trolls using certain words, you can use this section to filter those out.

Profanity Filter (Found at 9:53)

You can set this filter to None, Moderate or High, so Facebook can filter out posts or comments containing profanity.

Similar Page Suggestions (Found at 10:15)

If you turn this setting on, your Page will be shown on other related Pages. But in return, other related Pages will be shown on your Page.

Comment Ranking (Found at 11:50)

When people comment on your content, by default the “most relevant” comments appear at the top (as determined by Facebook). If you turn that off, the most recent comments appear at the top. Consider which is best for your business, especially if you’re trying to respond to a large number of comments.

Content Distribution (Found at 12:38)

Under this Setting you can prohibit your videos from being Downloaded from Facebook.

Download Page (Found at 13:25)

Lets you download an archive of your Page’s posts, videos, photos and Page Info.

Merge Page (Found at 13:45)

If you have duplicate Pages, you can merge them here. Be aware that not everything is merged, so read the guidelines carefully.

Other Settings

Post attribution (Found at 14:40)

Decide whether you want to act as your Page or your Personal Profile when you post on your Page.


Control the pinging and distractions by setting how often you receive notifications, and for which activities on your Page.

Page Roles (Found at 18:10)

While we’re spring cleaning, make sure that all of your Page Role holders (Admins, Editors etc) are still with your business and can be trusted to represent your brand. Keep in mind that Admins can delete other admins – so it needs to be someone you trust completely.

People and other Pages (19:30)

This is where you can see who Likes your Page.

If you have ever made the mistake of buying followers (and don’t worry, you’re not alone) you can go in and clean them up here. (I recommend you remove anyone you can recognise as a fake follower.) You can also ban followers in this section, or look at the Pages or People you have banned.

Instagram (Found at 22:15)

This is where you can link your Instagram profile to your Page. I recommend doing this as it increases the functionality you can have on your Instagram profile, and lets you advertise on Instagram using your Facebook advertising account.

Featured (Found at 22:40)

The Featured section allows you to choose up to 5 Facebook Pages that are liked by your Page, that you can show as Featured Pages. This might be useful for collaborations or partnerships with other businesses, or if you have more than one business.

So that’s a wrap for the Facebook Page Spring Clean Challenge. If you have any questions, jump over to my Facebook Group and ask pop your question in under the Day 5 prompt. These videos will remain on the website and you’re welcome to stay a member of the Facebook Group until the end of September, when it will return to being a Group for my clients.

If you have any other topics you would like me to run a Challenge or workshop on, please don’t hesitate to put forward your suggestions. It helps me to create the most valuable content for my audience.

And in the meantime, don’t forget to follow me on Instagram and my Facebook Page if you haven’t already, so you can receive ongoing tips, tricks, tools and information about upcoming events.

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