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Facebook Page Spring Clean Challenge – Day 4


Welcome to Day 4 of the Challenge!

Day 4 is the day we look at the settings for Messaging on your Page, plus do a Review of your Timeline to make sure all you past posts are supporting your current marketing priorities.


You have probably noticed that when you visit other Facebook Pages, a pop up box invites you to send a Message to the Page owner. Sometimes it even has prompt questions for you.

In the video below I walk you through the Messaging Settings for your Page, and how to set them up so they support your business.

So as part of today’s activities, do a quick review of your Messaging Settings to make sure they’re supporting your business.


This next step of the Spring Clean is to do a scroll down of the last few posts on your Page, to make sure they’re still representing your brand well, supporting your business goals and still relevant for your audience. If there are any that make you cringe or didn’t get great engagement, delete them from your Page to freshen it up.

You don’t have to go back too far – just the last 10-15 posts that a visitor to your Page might scroll through.

Also in the video below I’ll take a quick look at the different post types you can use on your Page, as a quick refresher to those who’ve found themselves in a posting rut.

That’s it for Day 4 of the Challenge. If you have any questions, jump over to my Facebook Group and ask pop your question in under the Day 1 prompt.

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