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Facebook Page Spring Clean Challenge – Day 2


Welcome to Day 2 of the Challenge!

After cleaning up our main images and call-to-action button on Day 1, today is all about getting our About Section up-to-date and making the most of each of the sections.

It’s always worth checking this About section regularly, to ensure your contact details, opening hours and general information are correct, but also to check whether any extra features have been added in by Facebook.

If you’ve already completed all of your About section, today will just be a double-check, but I do challenge you to look at the Story section (see below) and see if you can make it more meaty/appealing to your target audience.

Please note these changes and updates are best done on your desktop or laptop. Facebook’s Mobile App doesn’t give you full access to each of these areas to edit.


There are two ways to edit your About section (also known as Page Info), and I’ll show you both as each has slightly different information to check.

The first (and my preferred) way is to click on the About tab on the left hand side of your Page.

About Tab

This will open up your About section, and you can edit each area by clicking the Edit link on the side.

So let’s step through each area of this About section.



If you click on Edit beside Category, you will be given the opportunity to add 3 categories to your Page. Think about the keywords that your ideal audience would use to search for a business like yours, and use these as you choose your categories. Only the first is shown on your About page.


Your Name should be as closely related to your business name as possible, so that if people are searching for you on Facebook you can be found easily. Only change this is necessary – you don’t want to be changing it too often.


The username (eg @kogmarketing) is important as it forms the unique Facebook URL for your business. (eg facebook.com/kogmarketing).

This should again be close to your business name, but as short as possible so that it is memorable. With so many business pages on Facebook, and many of the usernames already taken, it can be tricky to get your username exactly as you would like it, so you sometimes have to come up with a slight variation.

I recommend having this username be consistent with all of your other social media profiles, so if someone knows you on one platform, they can easily recognise or find you on another. So I’m @kogmarketing across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

In the past Facebook has limited the number of times you can change your Username, so change with caution.


The Edit Business Details section lets you indicate things like your Price Range and available parking, which are particularly important if you have a physical business.

You can also add the date your business was Founded and Edit business types to indicate whether your business sells goods or services online, or represent a Corporate office of headquarters.


These is obviously an incredibly important part of your About section.

A few tips:

  • Make sure the phone number you add in this section is one that is answered quickly. If people take the time to phone from your Facebook Page they’ll want a response as soon as possible. (To change, hover on the number and then click the Edit link that appears to the side).
  • The Facebook Messenger URL is generated from your username, so you can’t edit this specifically.
  • The email address should also be one that is monitored regularly so you can get back to people quickly.
  • Don’t forget to add in your website in this section. You could add your home page, or if you’re building your email database you could link directly to your sign-up page.

Did you know you can also link to other social media platforms from this section?  Click on Edit Other Accounts.

Edit Other Accounts

Then click on Add Account

Add account

A drop down menu will appear, and you can choose which social media account you wish to add.

Click on the drop down, select the social media platform and then add in your username in the form field. For example, if you I selected Instagram, I would put @kogmarketing into the field. Click Save and it’s added.

Facebook only links to Instagram – other profiles are unlinked and only Twitter has its own icon.



The About description under the More Info section is worth an update. You only have 155 characters, so here’s where a short, sharp outline of who you work with and the problems you solve for them is best.

Also under the More Info section:

  • The Founding Date will be taken from the date you added further up the page.
  • Edit Impressum – in some countries there is a legal requirement to demonstrate your ownership of your web presence etc. I don’t find that it’s relevant for businesses in Australia.
  • Add a menu if you are a food and beverage business.
  • Click on Edit Privacy Policy to link to the Privacy Policy on your website.

The second way to edit your About section is to go to ellipses under your Cover Photo and click on Edit Page Info. (You can also access it via your About tab, in the top right hand corner).

Edit Page Info

A pop-up box will appear with much the same information as your About tab, but there are a couple of additional pieces of information to update.

The first is the address. For a business with a physical location, it’s important to fill this in as a map will then appear on your page and make it easier for people to find you. (For physical locations, make sure you tick the “Customers visit my business at my street address” box so people can check in and your address is made public.

It also allows you to set your Opening Hours. Check that these are up-to-date to avoid frustrating your customers.


Also under the About section is your Story, and it’s amazing how few businesses make the most of the opportunity this section offers.

When this section was first introduced, it pulled a photo and short description from your Page. As a result, many pages have unsuitable images or a very short Story.

But this Story shows up high on your Facebook Page.

Story on you page

So it’s worth taking a few minutes to optimise this Story.

Add a photo at the top that represents your business and will draw the attention to this section. Make sure the image dimensions work well, especially in that preview section on your Page.

You can also format your text, adding Headings and subheadings, and even add code to embed other media into this section.

In the video below I’ll walk you through how to update the Story.

Don’t forget to pop over to the Facebook Group to ask any questions or if you would like any feedback. Look for today’s post and pop your question in the comments.

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