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Facebook Page Spring Clean Challenge – Day 1


Welcome to Day 1 of the Challenge!

Today we’ll kick off with the first impression of your Facebook Page, looking at the elements seen first by visitors to your page.

In today’s Challenge we’ll look at:

  • Profile Picture
  • Cover Photo
  • Call-To-Action Button


Your profile picture is the square image that’s seen to the left of your Facebook Page. It’s also seen in the Facebook News Feed when you share a new post, and in comments when you comment as your page.

The ideal dimensions for your Profile picture are 360 x 360 pixels (though it’s shown as 180 x 180 pixels). The image should be square, as uploading a rectangle image means that aspects of your picture might be cropped off.

The image you choose should be clear and easy to identify – even when it appears as a small logo in comments. To achieve this, it’s best to minimise or eliminate any text on the image.

What should you use as your Facebook Profile Photo?

It depends on the nature of your business, but as a general rule I recommend that if your business is built around your personal brand (as mine is) that you use a high quality, professional photo of yourself that really represents the personality of your brand.

KOG Marketing Solutions Facebook Profile Photo

If your business is built around a brand, I recommend using a clear logo as your profile picture. If your logo is quite detailed, I would use one clear visual aspect, as I did for my client on the My Life My Health Facebook Page.

My Life My Health Facebook Profile Image

Important considerations:

  • Use a clear, uncluttered image that can be easily recognised in the busy Facebook news feed, or in comments when you’re commenting as your page.
  • Load the image as a square image to avoid it being cropped and cutting off aspects of your logo or photo.
  • Minimise or eliminate text from the image as it will be difficult to read the text anyway.
  • Use a consistent profile image across all your social media profiles, so your audience can recognise and become familiar with your profile picture. If they feel like they know you, they’re more likely to stop and engage with your content.
  • You can add a caption to your Profile Picture to add a call to action or some information about your business. When you add a caption, it shows in your Timeline like this –

Kym O'Gorman Marketing Solutions profile photo

So how do I change my Profile Picture

Here’s a video stepping you through how to change your Profile Picture.


Your Facebook Cover Photo is one of the first things visitors see when they come to your page. It’s prime real estate – right at the top of the page – and gives you a chance to let people know what your business is about, or a special offer or focus of your business.

The Cover Photo can be a photo or video, so there are a range of ways you can use the space to showcase your business. You’re really only limited by your creativity.

The dimensions of the Cover Photo are 828 x 465 pixels – but keep in mind that on mobile the visible dimensions are 640 x 360 pixels. (So keep the most important information in the middle so that it’s visible in both formats). It’s important to test your Cover Photo across a range of devices to make sure it’s adapting well to each device.

If you choose to use a video, the dimensions are 820 x 312 pixels – but you can use an existing video and drag to reposition it within the available space. The videos need to be between 20 and 90 seconds long, and you need to choose a good thumbnail as that is what will sometimes show in other areas of Facebook.

Cover Photo Ideas

Stuck for ideas on what to use as your Facebook Cover Photo? Here are a few suggestions:

  • Showcase your product or service – ideally in a creative way that captures the attention of your Page’s videos.
  • An image or slideshow of your popular or in-season products.
  • Show off your brand personality with quirky graphics or video.
  • Create a video or slideshow outlining the range of services you offer.
  • Create an image to promote a particular offer or activity.
  • Create an image to promote a free download.
  • Create an image to make the most of a specific seasonal activity
  • Celebrate and showcase your team.
  • Show your product or service being used by your customers.
  • Show people that represent your target audience using your product or service.
  • Create a quote image that represents your business’ values or beliefs.
  • Create an image that represents how you want your customers to FEEL.

How to Create Your Cover Photo

if you’d prefer to keep it simple, you can use high quality photos as your cover photo (so long as they can be cropped or adjusted to the appropriate dimensions).

You can also outsource the creation of your Cover Photo to a graphic designer.

Or there are excellent tools available, like Easil and Canva, that have templates available to make the design of cover photos easy. You can browse their templates and select one that best represents your brand, and then customise the colours and images to make it truly your own.

Both Easil and Canva have free versions to get you started, but if you would like to access even more templates and stock image options, they both have reasonable pro versions as well.

Important Considerations:

  • Don’t have too much text. The power of the Cover Photo is the visual impact it has on your page, so keep text to a minimum.
  • Use your brand colours and fonts for a consistent representation of your business. That way when people click through to your website, they’re getting a similar experience.
  • Remember that you can change your Cover Photo as often as you like, so it’s worth keeping it fresh and updating it at least every few months.
  • When you change your Cover Photo, the new photo is shown in the Facebook News Feed to people who follow your Page.
  • Consider your priority marketing goals for your business, and review your Cover Photo to make sure it represents your brand.
  • If not, plan and create a new Cover Photo.
  • Upload the photo to your Page, checking across a range of devices to make sure it’s adapting well.
  • Add a caption to your Cover Photo with a link or call-to-action.

How to Change Your Cover Photo

Here are some examples of cover photos for inspiration.

Maiocchi Cover Photo

Elements of Byron Cover Photo

Planoly Cover Photo

My Life My Health Cover Photo

Sol Cleanse Cover Photo


The Call to Action Button is the button directly under your Cover Photo. This was introduced by Facebook a couple of years ago now, and helps to direct your customers to the priority action you would like them to take on your Page.

There are a number of Buttons to choose from under specific action categories, including:

  • Make A Booking With You
    • Book Now
  • Contact You
    • Contact Us
    • Send Message
    • Call Now
    • Sign Up
    • Send Email
  • Learn More About Your Business
    • Wach Video
    • Learn More
  • Shop with you or make a decision
    • Shop Now
    • See Offers
  • Download your App or play your game
    • Use App
    • Play Game
  • Join Your Community
    • Visit Group

So as you can see, there are a number of options available to you. So step back and consider the PRIORITY action you would like someone to take. If you’re wanting to build your email database, create a free download and use the Sign Up button. Or if you want the phone to start ringing, choose Call Now and make sure the linked phone number is one that is answered quickly. If you’re an e-commerce business you probably want people to Shop Now.

Regardless of which button you choose, it’s important to check it regularly to make sure that it’s working, and that it’s taking your Page visitors to the right place. For example, if you have a See Offers button, it takes you to the Offers section of your Facebook Page. But if that section is empty – it’s not a great user experience. You’ve wasted a bit of their time. So give yourself a reminder to check it regularly to make sure it’s working for you. When you hover over the button, you can click Test Button to see how it’s working.

You can also go into Insights > Actions on Page to see how often the button has been clicked.

How to change your Call-To-Action Button

Call-to-Action Button Considerations

  • Test your Call-To-Action button to make sure it’s working, and directing people to the right place.
  • Consider your priority marketing goals, and double-check that you have selected the best button to get you to those goals.
  • If not, edit your Action Button with the new action and destination.
  • Check your Insights regularly to see if the Button is working well for you.

That’s it for Day 1 of the Challenge. If you have any questions, jump over to my Facebook Group and ask pop your question in under the Day 1 prompt.

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