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Consistency is Queen

Dec 3, 2016 | Business, Productivity

It’s very easy in business to be caught up in the next big idea. To be distracted by the bright and shiny objects and push everything aside to pursue this exciting – and usually far more interesting – opportunity.

And while creativity, ingenuity and innovation is important to the growth of any business, consistency is vital.

In today’s noisy world, customers like certainty and, to some extent, predictability.  In marketing and social media terms, it is those businesses that are consistent that are gaining the large followings and higher interaction

Watch them in action. Their posts and campaigns are almost like clockwork.  Their email newsletter appears in your inbox at the same time each week. They have daily or weekly themes and ideas that give you a sense of expectancy and reliability.

Through all of this consistency, they build trust and security with their audience.

Are they creative? Yes!

And when they do come out with a big idea or promotion, they have an audience of loyal fans ready and waiting to get involved.

But it’s not just in the marketing space that consistency is key.

Look at your financials.  If you ignore your book-keeping, invoicing and financials for weeks on end, it has a detrimental impact on your cashflow and income. It’s difficult to enforce invoice terms with customers if they don’t receive the invoice for weeks after the project is finished.

But if you consistently set aside time each week to stay up-to-date with your accounts, everyone knows where they stand.

In fact, consistency has a place in every area of your business:

  • the way your products or services are presented
  • the way you carry out your customer service
  • your staff inductions, training and development
  • your marketing and communications
  • your sales processes
  • your finances
  • your reporting and monitoring.

So while it’s not sexy or attention-grabbing, remember, Consistency is Queen.

Action:  Where could you gain a little consistency in your business? Identify at least one area that is a bit hit-and-miss and develop systems to keep you on track.

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