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Brand Strategy

Your brand creates the first impression for your business, giving potential customers a sense of who you are and what you represent – your personality, values and ideals. It can set you apart in the marketplace, giving you a clear, recognisable identity.

Many (if not most) businesses start “doing” without defining their brand – and the result can be a haphazard and inconsistent representation where even your own team isn’t sure how to communicate what you do or how you do it.

Far more than a logo or business name, your brand is how you portray your business in every piece of communication and every interaction.

In developing a Brand Strategy I work with your business to create your brand, or adapt your existing brand, to ensure it is communicating the right message consistently to your audience. We will define your business, your brand positioning and your values, and translate them into a brand identity that can be applied across your whole business – from your visual branding (logos, business stationery and marketing templates) to the tone of voice and key messages used in all your communications.

You will receive a Brand Blueprint that can be used to brief contractors, onboard new team members and can form the basis for your marketing communications.

The Process

Part 1: Analysis

The development of an effective brand strategy depends on a clear and detailed understanding of your ideal customer and the market in which you operate.

In this phase of the strategy development I perform analysis of the competitive landscape, undertake some basic client research and identify the strengths and opportunities available to your business to stand out from your competitors.

Part 2: Brand Strategy Development

In this phase we develop the values, key messages, personality and tone that will support your business goals and appeal to your ideal target market. 

We will also develop detailed design briefs for visual branding (to be handed to a graphic designer) and web design (if needed) to bring your visual branding to life.

You will be given a detailed document outlining your brand guidelines and rules that will form the basis for future briefs to engage designers/contractors and ensure the consistent representation of the brand.

Cost: from $5,000 ex GST

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