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Kym O'Gorman Marketing Solutions

Helping businesses to understand marketing and social media and create a strategy to help their business thrive.

In a noisy and competitive marketplace, your marketing needs to set your business apart from your competitors, and help you build relationships with your audience.

But with endless ways to promote and advertise your brand, how do you choose the right tactics for your business? How do you spend your valuable time and resources on the right things…the things that will drive your business forward?

It’s challenging to keep up, to understand the opportunities on offer and to make sense of it all. That’s where I come in!


Here are just some of the ways you can work with me…

Tired of flailing about with your marketing, not sure if any of it is actually making a difference? Let’s work together to develop a detailed marketing strategy that addresses each stage of the marketing journey.

 Want to look after your marketing in-house, but would like the guidance and mentoring of working with an experienced marketing professional? It’s like having an on-demand marketing director. 

Whether it’s for yourself, an team member or the whole crew, if you’re stuck on a specific social media tool or area of marketing, my custom training sessions can get you unstuck and on your way.

Do you need a new website, or does your old site need an update? It’s not as hard as you think to get your website really working for your business and acting as the hub of your marketing activities.

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How to Make Your Social Media Experience Interesting Again

How to Make Your Social Media Experience Interesting Again

Social media can be a great way to connect with friends, family, clients, customers and the outside world. But it can also be frustrating, overwhelming or irrelevant if you’re not seeing the content you want to see. As business owners, social media might be important...

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What is a brand strategy, and why does every business need one?

What is a brand strategy, and why does every business need one?

Very few small businesses have a clear brand strategy – and it shows in their marketing and customer service activities.  Inconsistent or undeveloped brand representation makes it harder for customers (and potential customers) to recognise you, and means your valuable marketing resources have to work harder to cut through and have an impact.

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